The Things You Need To Know About Poly Bags

Anti-Static:  A protective packaging devise to prevent static electricity from interfering with high tech products.

Back Seal:  Sheeting is folded and sealed along back to form a tube and is sealed at bottom.

Bottom Seal:  Seamless tubing, sealed at the bottom, item individually cut, flat, or side gusseted.

Flip-Top Bag:  A side-weld bag, where the lip tucks in for closing.

Flat Sheeting:  Polyethylene sheeting cut to size for general wrapping, lining, or dividing layers.

Gauges:  Used to measure our bags and tubing from .00075 to .006 millimeters, a measurable thickness of film.

Gusset Bags:  Manufactured in three dimensions, with a tucked in pleat, pressed flat; when opened makes a square appearance.

Header Bags:  A side-weld bag, with a continuous seal along the width, 2-3″ below the fold, creating a header on which the bag will hang.

High Density:  Polyethylene film is taken out, removed, extruded, transformed, from resin by a manufacturing process – the equipment and machinery are aptly called extruders. High and low density film are extruded from different resins. In the high density resin the atoms or molecules are tightly compacted, densely packed together, therefore the density is high.

Low Density:  The atoms in the low density resin are more loosely gathered, not as tightly compacted, therefore the density is less or low.

Merchandise Bags:  Various colors, high density, used primarily in retail stores. Flat or gusseted bags.

Perforated Lip:  A side-weld bag with a performed (easy to tear) lip, stapled to a header card.

Pocket Bag:  Bag sealed into separate pockets for multiple product packaging.

Side-Weld:  Sheeting is folded to form the bottom of the bag, then sealed at each side.

T-Shirt Bag:  So-called for its marked resemblance to an apparel item, primarily used for shopping bags.

Wicketed Bag:  A side-weld bag with two holes in lip for metal wicket, which allows individual bag removal (usually by machines), 250-500 bags per wicket.

Zip Lock:  A reclosable bag, with single, double, or triple tracks (zippers) at the top where the bag is locked.